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Located in the Sierra de Guadalupe, Baja California Sur.  Photos taken November 28, 2007.

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This is a very important site in the southern Sierra de Guadalupe.  In 2007 when I visited it I had no idea that such an important site would still be unknown in the literature (since Del Cover's paper from 1990) after 17 years.  Now (2017) its been another 10 years with only two mentions of Clavelitos in the 2013 thesis of Maria de la Luz Gutiérrez Martinez.  Amazing that a world class site like this has seen so little research.  One cannot seriously study Great Mural art without knowing about this site and other huge Great Mural sites in the Sierra de Guadalupe.  I hope this documentation can help.  This site is similar to the great sites in the Sierra de San Francisco in that it has hundreds of paintings including huge figures.  It is different in that the painters who visited this site reflect the large diversity in styles in the Sierra de Guadalupe.  This diversity just doesn't exist in San Francisco.  This site is near the southern limit of Great Mural art.  It contains Great Mural styles, but also other styles that are not Great Mural and styles that seem to be a strange mixture and are hard to classify.  My migration theory of Great Mural art explains the reason for the greater diversity in the Sierra de Guadalupe.
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Photography Copyright 2007, 2008 by Jon Harman. I visited this site on November 28, 2007 as part of the INAH project: Identidad Social, Comunicación Ritual y Arte Rupestre: El Gran Mural de la Sierra de Guadalupe B.C.S. under the leadership of Maria de la Luz Gutiérrez Martinez. We were accompanied by INAH Custodian Aaron Real Villavicencio, translator Ayla Perez and local guides.