Eel River Petroglyph Site Near Coleman Creek

This site is known to river guides (including pioneering canoist Ann Dwyer), but not to the archaeological community.  I visited this site in April 2012 on a river trip with BARARA member and expert river runner Pierre Pelet.  Pierre and I have now visited three sites along the Eel.  One near Spyrock Station, one called Slakaiya Rock(pdf) (CA-TRI-001) and this one.  Paul Freeman was our source for information on the Spyrock Station Site, a different site from the Spyrock Road site (pdf).  Slakaiya Rock was first documented in 1913 and then rediscovered in 1993.  The Coleman Creek site is not known to Dan Foster.  I found out about it from a photographer who visited it on a river trip.  It is an important site with many petroglyphs in a setting of beautiful meadows steeply sloping down to the Eel.  Many thinks to Pierre for making this trip and the other great Eel trips possible.
In September 2012 I visited the rock again and took some more pictures.

Eel Photos1
April Trip
Photos 2
September Trip

Here are my photos of the other Eel River sites I visited with Pierre.  The petroglyphs are not so easy to see so I have used DStretch to make them more visible.  Mostly I converted the enhancements to grayscale, but in a couple cases I am also including color enhancements that I particularly liked.

Spyrock Station Petroglyphs
Spyrock Station Petroglyphs
June 2005
Slakaiya Petroglyph Site
Slakaiya Petroglyphs
June 2006

Here is more information on the rock art that I got from CDF websites.  They were put there by Dan Foster, Senior State Archaeologist.  Dan has just recently (August 2012) retired after 33 years of state service.  I am putting the papers here in case the CDF sites might go away.
Paper by Dan Foster and John Foster on Slakaiya.
SCA Newsletter article on Mendocino petroglyphs by Mark Gary and Dan Foster.

Cal Parks info on Slakaiya.