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Located in the Sierra de Guadalupe, Baja California Sur.  Photos taken November 30, 2007.

The ceiling contains paintings of fantastic fish and animal figures done in beautiful colors that DStretch brings to life.

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This is the upper ceiling. The images indexed by dots at the far right are from the lower ceiling and wall on the right side of the rockshelter.
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Cueva El Dipugón from below
View of rockshelter from below.  It rained all day.
Cueva El Dipugón, left
Left side of rockshelter.
Cueva El Dipugón, right
Right side of rockshelter
                  Dipugón from right side
View from right side.  Placido and Lucero.
Cueva El Dipugón, lower ceiling
Far right of lower ceiling
Petroglyphs on rocks below
Foot petroglyphs on rock below.
Lucero and I arive back at the rancho
Lucero and I back at the rancho.
List of images with enhancements.
Photography and other images Copyright 2007, 2008 by Jon Harman. I visited this site on November 30, 2007 as part of a project by INAH archaeologist Lucero Gutiérrez. Placido Osuna Villavicencio was our local guide.